Waiting for the Injured Victims

of Minneapolis Bridge Collapse at the Local Hospital




Bridge Collapse Video (I-35 Minneapolis Bridge)

This video shows the terrible structural failure of the bridge.


I pray that the current loss of life count does not grow larger but witnessing the collapse I'm not so sure of this. As a hospital administrator with 25 years of sports medicine experience, after seeing countless fractures and head trauma surgeries, and most of all after witnessing the bridge collapse I'm almost sure there will be more of those who have received life threatening injuries.

I didn't exactly see the collapse but standing some 600 feet away I heard immense rumble. When I turned around I saw dust in the air. I rushed to the scene in an attempt to provide medial assistance to the survivors. It took a while for the victims to start emerging from their vehicles. Some were in the water. The first responders were on the scene very quick and at that time they secured the area and I went back to North Memorial Hospital knowing that surgery critically injured patients will be coming in. There will be blunt force injuries, head and chest injuries, orthopedic and penetration injuries.

I will get off the computer now to get ready for surgeries. The patients will be arriving in no time. Sorry about a confused report. I just wanted to get my word out. I'll follow up as soon as possible.