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Glen Plake and the Art of Monoskiing

Glen Plake is one of the best skiers on the planet. Anyone who has seen his legendary axe sharp mohawk knows that. He's been in countless movies, magazine spreads... He's invented extreme skiing.

But did you know that Glen Plake monoskis? What the hell is monoskiing? Watch the video and you'll get an idea. It's a crazy thought, two feet locked into one ski but as far as gravity, speed and snow are concerned it's a very efficient way of sliding down the snowy slope. There are no tips to cross and since you're facing the fall line you're not dealing with a blind spot like snowboarders do.

There are some disputes who actually invented the first monoski. One thing is certain. It's been seen at ski resorts around the world since the sixties. Is monoski a predecessor of snowboard? Let's put it this way, surfboard may be the predecessor of both.

Next time you see a monoskier on the slopes tell him you've seen Glen Plake do it better. Better than anyone else.

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