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The Forgotten Joy of Ski Ballet

Back in the golden days of skiing (meaning the seventies) there was an exciting discipline of Ski Ballet in which skiers danced to music while moving down the gentle snowy slope.

The names like Outrigger, Tip Drag and Pole Flip mean a little to freestylers of today who nail physically challenging stunts in snowboard parks. Back in the day Ski Ballet was all the rage.

In an effort to improve the emasculated name of "Ski Ballet," a Freestyle Skiing term was introduced. In fact, Ski Ballet has always been a component of Freestyle although aerialists and mogul skiers are rarely seen in company of Ski Ballet practitioners.

For a peculiar reason Ski Ballet nomenclature has made a full circle by once again reinventing itself. The new name is "Ski Dance."

It's a lot of fun to watch a strong skier making figure skating moves on skis. It's a rare sight on the slopes but the video clip above will give you an idea.

Put on your dancing shoes, er... ski boots and hit the slopes!

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