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3. Seek Friends Who Own Timeshares

Jog your memory. Remember the aunt who always bitches and moans about getting sucked into buying a timeshare? What about the buddy from the office who just had a kid and will be paying for his timeshare this year but won't use the days?

By all means, be nice to those people! They may let you use their days for free or charge you a little. Of course, compare their asking price to the going rate at the same resort at the particular time of year.

Timeshares can be a bear to own. Many people don't get around using their days and frankly more people are into beach resorts than snowy mountains. This is good news for us. Think hard if you know any timeshare owners. If you don't know anyone look on Craig's List.

4. Rent From Owner Direct

Take the middle man out. Expect to see a huge discount if you rent from owner direct. The "middle man" also known as the condo management agencies do an important job. They maintain the properties and connect owners with renters. But their service is not cheap. They charge as much as 50% of the amount you will be paying.

Why do owners give up half of their income to these agencies? Because they need their services. But every now and then you will run into a local owner who manages their own property and can bypass the agency service. This is a win-win situation because the owner can charge more than what they would normally receive from the management company and you pay less than the going rate.

It can be difficult to find the owners who rent direct because the internet is so saturated with management company web sites. Craig's list is a great place to look for them. Listen to the word of mouth too.

5. Book Off Slope/Off Resort Lodging

Everyone loves ski in/ski out lodging. Isn't it nice not to have to walk or take a bus to the slopes in the morning? I love to ski in get a bite to eat for lunch and then ski out again. This has a price though.

And the price for slopeside lodging is steep. If you're on the budget do yourself a favor and take ski in/ski out lodging out of consideration. Places in town will be cheaper and if you have a car places out of town may be cheaper yet.

Out of town lodging has its advantages too. In areas where there are many resorts finding a centrally located lodging may not only cost you less but could give you easy access to several ski hills.

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