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20% Extra!

Here is some additional information that you can harness to decrease the bill even further.

Extra 1: Packages

Maybe it's just me but I've never been able to find great deals through travel agents who specialize in winter vacations. However, I've been lucky with airline packages that include airfare/hotel/car/ski passes. If I'm looking for a package I always look first at what major airlines have to offer. You have to plan early and sometimes you have to travel midweek to get the full cost benefits.

Extra 2: Equipment - Rent vs. Buy

Ski and snowboard equipment rentals are a fraction of what you'd pay for purchasing all new gear. Renting is the way to go until you cross the point of no return where you ski or snowboard enough to warrant the expense of buying your own gear.

Factor into the equation that typical rentals usually consist of bottom of the barrel gear. The kind of skis, snowboard, boots that you would want to purchase are always better than what you get in rental packages. You can also rent this better level of gear. Just ask for "demo" rental gear. The problem with "demo" rentals is that they cost roughly twice as much as what regular rentals cost.

So the key is not to resist buying your own equipment as long as you can but to calculate when is it wise to do so. Take it in steps. Boots are probably the most important part of the equipment. Especially in skiing. You can ski on crappy skis but crappy boots will make it very hard and unenjoyable.

Trust an advice of an expericed ski bootfitter. It will cost you more to do this but you will be much happier and won't end up selling the uncomfortable boots for half price after a couple of days of skiing. If you really know what gear you want to get keep an eye for end of the season sales. I typically buy my stuff in the summer online. It can be much cheaper that way. I like supporting the shops too but inventory in the summer can be slim when compared with online choices. I never buy "first season" gear. Last years skis are cheaper and probably just as good as the current model.

If you are not there yet just keep on renting. Rental prices are lower further away from the resort. The most expensive prices are usually at the resort's own shop at the base. But there is the element of convenience to consider. If you need to switch out a piece of equipment it will be more convenient to do that at the bottom of the hill than to drive back to the cheap shop at the outskirts of the town.

When you arrive to the resort look for rental coupons in the local free magazines and coupon booklets distributed at condo lobbies. You'll find all kinds of valuable discounts.

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