These hacks, mods and WiFi projecys are my hobby. I’m a middle age guy facing a mid-life crisis. Man’s gotta do what man’s gotta do.

I’m not overly techy and only have basic tools at my disposal so simplicity is an important factor.

I have no engineering experience. Until recently I didn’t even have a good grasp on how to set up routers and wireless networks. This is to say that I’m hardly an expert in this field and that anyone can do these projects for fun or profit.

As I was learning about wireless networking I realized that there aren’t too many places with simple instructions for newbies with little skills.

Instead of you reinventing the wheel like I had to do just sit back and read my pages. They are not rigid type of tutorials but rather flexible DIY instructions that will allow you to build at your own pace with low cost materials you may already have.

If you make further improvements of my projects I’d love to hear back from you and maybe we can post your tutorials here for everyone to share.