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Modified Linksys WRT54GL




Do you want to extend the range of your wireless router, share the internet with your neighbors, or provide a communal open hotspot for anyone?

These pages contain simple modifications, hacks and instructions for improving the performance of your WiFi router, phone and other devices. All tutorials are simple and easy to follow. In addition to these mods you will also find VOIP information and hacks.

Low cost is my main guiding principle. I use existing materials as much as possible. Most of these projects do not lock you into using specific parts so you may use whatever is available to you.

I'm not overly techy and only have basic tools at my disposal so simplicity is another factor.

There is already plenty of WiFi hack information available on the Internet. Some of my projects are additions to existing tutorials. I have linked to the source material so you may use the original instructions and return here for improvements.



Protect Your WiFi Network From Hacks
Think like a hacker to protect yourself from a hacker.
UTStarcom F1000G External Antenna
Add external antenna connector to your wireless VoIP phone.
Use WiFi Phone with Authenticated Hotspot
Trick the router to accept authentication incapable WiFi phone or other device.
Configure WiFi SIP Phone
Make very, very cheap international and domestic calls from a WiFi mobile phone.

UTStarcom F1000G Disassembly
Learn to open your WiFi SIP phone for repairs and hacks.

UTStarcom GF210 Review
Dual mode GSM/VoIP WiFi phone combines the best of both worlds.
Take Linksys WRT54G Apart
Learn how to open your Linksys router and put it back together.
Solar Powered Router
Reduce your carbon footprint. Plug into a free energy source.
Mount a WiFi Antenna on a Satellite Dish
Mount it on a dish and boost the power.

WiFi Biquad Antenna
$100 antenna for under $15. A great antenna and easy to build too!
Inexpensive Mount for a WiFi Biquad Antenna
DIY support for your high gain antenna. Extreme function at low cost.
Housing for Biquad Antennas
Build an enclosure for your antenna to protect it from elements.
Install a Fan Inside Linksys WRT54G
Don't fry up your router with increased power if you're using open source third party firmware.
Spray Paint Your Router
Pimp out your showpiece. Or blend it into the surroundings!
Linksys WRT54G in Repeater Mode
Extend the range of your wireless setup. Share the net with a neighbor.
Take Buffalo WHR-G125 Apart
Learn how to open your Buffalo router and put it back together.
Buffalo WHR-G125 External Antenna
Add an external antenna connector to WHR-G125.
Improving WRT54G Repeater
Make your repeater perform fast. Overcome Linksys diversity problem.
iTunes Library Share Hack
Simple iTunes hack. Share one iTunes library and playlists between multiple Windows XP users.
iTunes Library Share Hack TUNESHARE
The update to the popular original iTunes hack now allows for automatic library sharing.
Watch Eurovision Song Contest Online
Setup your computer to watch Eurosong in broadcast quality even if you're not in Europe.
WiFi Antenna Pointer Tool
Align your wireless network high gain antennas with this simple Linux tool.
Email IP Address on Login
Linux script autodetects and emails your WAN IP address every time you login.
Childproof Your Computer
Add a key switch so your kid can't power the computer on or off.
Voice Mail Hack
Protect your cell phone voice mail from intruders.
Sony Ericsson T715 Antenna
Make a cheap FM radio antenna for your Sony Ericsson T715 phone.
Netflix Problem
How I fixed frequent Netflix and YouTube stalls and freezes.
Turn Old Nextel Phone Into a Walkie-talkie
New Nextel phones can work as network independent two-way radios.

Stacking Washer and Dryer
Stack incompatible, different manufacturers' washer and dryer.
Watch YouTube on Roku
Simple YouTube hack for
Roku box bypasses the YouTube block.