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Take Apart UTStarcom F1000G or F1000 Phone

Open your WiFi SIP Phone for Repairs and Hacks

This one is not for the faint of heart. You will have to tug and pull your F1000G to pop it open. Why did I do it in the first place? My friend dropped a phone and the battery connector fell out of the PCB. The telephone was basically dead so I disassembled it to fix it. In the process I made an interesting discovery. Utstarcom F1000G WiFi phone hack is coming your way.

Step 1

Remove the battery cover and disconnect the battery. There are 4 screws holding the face and the back of the phone together. Take the screws out using a micro phillips screwdriver. The fourth screw may be hiding under a white round sticker near the battery connector. If your aim is to preserve UTStarcom warranty intact you may want to carefully remove the white sticker with a pointy object and save it so you can put it back in place later.

Step 2

You will notice that you can pull apart the faceplate and the back of the phone at the bottom. There are four little snaps locking the back into the faceplate. Two snaps are on the sides and two are at the very top [Fig. 1]. They are really tight but we'll pop them off with some force. Caution, the body of the phone may break. I've done this only once but I did not damage the plastic.

Hold the phone with both hands as illustrated in Figure 2 and pull. Pull hard but be ready to stop as soon as the snap pops out or else you may break the body. When the snap is out turn the phone around and pull out the matching snap on the other side.

taking apart f100g
Fig. 1 Locations of 4 snaps
how to open f1000g
Fig. 2 Hold tight and pull

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