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Mobile Phone Voice Mail Hacking

Stop unauthorized access of your cell phone voice mail

It's incredibly easy to hack into someone's mobile phone voice mail. Most if not all carriers have a wide open security gap waiting to be exploited. I've tested the hacking vulnerability of Sprint Nextel and it failed miserably. First let's see how we can protect your voice mail.

It's very simple. Make sure that your account allows you to set a voice mail password that's active when you call in from your cell phone. If your mobile phone allows you to call your voice mail and go straight to listening the messages disable that option. If you can not disable it change your mobile phone provider right away!

Without a password access an unauthorized person can get in, listen to your messages, change all kinds of settings, even change the password so you're locked out your own voice mail.

How It's Done

When you dial your voice mail from your cell phone the provider's computer system recognizes your caller ID and let's you right in unless your password is enabled. A hacker can easily spoof caller ID.

There are several ways this can be accomplished. The easiest one is to setup a SIP VOIP account that allows outbound calls to regular telephone lines. There are hundreds of providers that specialize in this. By the way, SIP accounts are 100% legitimate.

Then you need a SIP compliant telephone, or if you don't have one you can use a softphone like X-lite or Ekiga. Configure your softphone per SIP provider's instructions and you'll be able to dial numbers just as if you had a regular phone. This is still 100% legitimate and actually a very cheap method to place calls.

Here comes the trick. The SIP provider allows you to specify your caller ID. There is nothing sinister about it, that's just how the technology works. Typically, you log into your account and set the caller ID. On occasion the caller ID is set on the telephone instead. Well, if you set the caller ID to the number of the cell phone you are calling the gates will open wide.