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Add External Antenna to Buffalo WHR-G125

Increase the Router Range with an External Antenna

Buffalo WHR-G125 comes with a stock antenna permanently attached to the side. Some other routers like the popular Linksys WRT54G are equipped with detachable antennas that can be replaced with high gain counterparts. The "permanent" attachment in WHR-G125 is not so permanent after all. You can remove the antenna and install an external connector in as little as one hour [Fig 1].

WHR-G125 external WiFi antenna
Fig. 1 Buffalo WHR-G125 router with external antenna connector

There is an alternative but more costly method to consider first. The board is equipped with a Hirose U.FL-R-SMT antenna connector [Fig. 2]. You could get a fitting pigtail and plug it directly into the board. These types of pigtails tend to be expensive.

WHR-G125 inside
Fig. 2 Hirose U.FL-R-SMT connector

I opted for a solution that cost me $1 U.S. at an electronics swap meet. It's a pigtail that has bare wires on one end and an SMA connector on the other end [Fig. 3]. Let's learn how to do it.

WHR-G125 inside
Fig. 3 $1 cable with SMA connector from HAM radio swap meet

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